Social Responsibility

Our Ultimate Beneficiary

Social Responsibility is not just a key component of what we do; it is the ultimate beneficiary of our success.

The Tree of Life Foundation

The shares in SAAD are held by the Tree of Life Foundation, a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) in South Africa.

About the Tree of Life Foundation

The Tree of Life Foundation’s mission is to build a substantial “endowment fund” from which qualifying charities in South Africa and Africa can be supported on a sustainable and predictable basis. In their experience, charities often find it difficult to do long-term strategic planning or to commit to longer-term projects, simply because their funding tends to be sporadic and short-term in nature.

While they do use some of the donations they receive to support charities (guideline of up to 25% of donations), the bulk is invested to generate returns from which they can provide sustainable support.

The Tree of Life Foundation has made good progress and during their first 9 years of existence the compounded annual growth rate of the investment portfolio was more than 70%.

Their aim is to invest funds in such a way that ultimately roughly 2.5% of this capital base can be distributed annually to selected charities, NGOs and ministries in accordance with the Tree of Life deed.